Commercial condominium renovation projects

Glass Center has been providing repair and replacement solutions for condominiums for more than twenty years.  Our successful renovation projects extend from Panama City Beach, Florida to Orange Beach, Alabama.  When working with the Glass Center, homeowners and condo managers can rest assured, knowing the replacement products they choose will meet the stricter building codes now enforced along the Gulf Coast.  The Glass Center can provide the professional guidance you need to make sure you have the right product installed correctly.

A leaking window or door can cause costly damage for both the condo owner and the owners of the neighboring units.  Continued water intrusion through doors and windows results in a true financial hardship for all members of the home owners association (HOA).  As soon as you suspect a leak around your window or sliding glass door, call the Glass Center, and we can make sure that your renovation is done quickly, correctly and cost-effectively.  Let us come out and discuss the ideas you may have for your window and door replacement project.

Commercial window and door repair projects

Business owners have been relying on the Glass Center for two decades for glass door and window repairs.  Many of today’s glass installations (including multi story curtain wall systems)  require critical product knowledge and experience in the event of water intrusion.  At the Glass Center, we have successfully repaired leaking buildings all across the Southeast and along the Gulf Coast. Left unchecked, damages from water can create one of the most costly repairs a property owner may experience.  Let the professionals at the Glass Center survey your building and provide a solution that will protect your investment from unnecessary losses and return your peace of mind.